How to conduct a great remote interview

Remote interviews have already become popular. A process that is going to be the new required skill for recruiters.

Although remote job interviews aren’t too different from ones in-person, even the most experienced hiring managers may find it difficult to conduct a video call interview for the first time.

A format we need to adapt to introduces a number of challenges for both employers and candidates. 

After you have chosen the most solid CVs that could be the next success in your company, now it’s time to take the right steps to make the process smooth and accurate for everyone. 

Let’s see how you should conduct a productive remote interview that will help you become a pro.

Prepare in advance

You are not just meeting a person virtually, you will have to analyze everything, from the candidate's knowledge and skills to other evidence that will determine whether the person has proper values to represent your brand.

 Considering the fact that interviews can be stressful for candidates, it would be great to ease the process by telling them how to prepare and what they should expect from the interview.

Share profiles of everyone from your company who will meet the candidate. Give details about the length of the call, and if there will be a break in case you conduct a longer interview. 

Before you start make sure about your internet connection, webcam, and microphone. Spend some time reviewing the video platform you are going to use, a technology test, and tips on how to reduce echoes and other problems that might occur during the process.

Review the candidate’s resume and make ready a full list of interview questions for your team to be all set before the interview.

Use the Right Tools

The platform is one of the most important aspects of a remote interview process. It would be great to choose the right software depending on the candidate’s profiles, as they may present a proposal or portfolio.

You always have to check with the interviewee if they are familiar with the video platform you are using. 

Video interviews give hiring managers the opportunity to understand more important details by watching their candidates directly.

Also, you are given the chance to display the company's vision and values, especially when you are competing to hire top talent, your business must be presented in the best possible way.  

Among the most preferred tools for conducting a great video interview are Goole Meet, Zoom, and Skype. And based on your company’s budget you are able to decide which tool fits you best.  

Sync with your Team 

When your organization is hiring make sure the whole team is involved and everyone  is following the course of the entire process. It should be open so the operation is moving forward because no one wants this process to halt. 

The team must really be compact and be aware of everything prior to starting an interview. Each one should know what they are required to do and ask during the process, and who is responsible for the final decision to hire. 

Another important thing is that you should have your deadlines. Create a timeline or a detailed hiring plan to guarantee the recruiting process runs effectively and on time.

Look Professional

Even though it’s a remote interview, you should definitely present yourself as a true professional. If you are not doing it from an office, create one.

You should be in an area that will create the impression that you are really serious about the work you are doing. A professional atmosphere that will help your mindset. 

You should dress the same style as you are at work and have that clean-cut look. Check your ambient lighting so you look more natural and courteous. Also, consider choosing a decent background. 

Have a Friendly Approach

When it comes to hiring, being kind and having that good positive attitude is as important as all the other things we mentioned above.

It’s important to speak clearly and keep the voice calm just like you would behave in person. The candidate will get that comfortable feeling once you fully engage in conversation.