5 Highest paying jobs to work from home

Even though it’s in the early stages, remote work is transforming companies and the way people are developing their careers.

The future might be a hybrid model, with work combined, remote and in-person, but one thing stands out, remote working is here to stay.

A study by Global Workplace Analytics shows that 82% of U.S employees want to work remotely at least once a week when the pandemic is completely over. And a survey of 5,889 workers shows that 61% of people working from home today say that they don’t want to go to their workplace because they don’t want to, says CNBC.

The job market of 2022 is getting interesting with more opportunities and companies offering the chance to work from home. 

Our research is focused on the remote jobs that are most demanded and that don’t require great high-skills to be done.

Here are our 5 picks, good-paying remote jobs:

1. Data Entry 

Average Salary: $33,000

Data entry simply means to input data from various sources into a computer or system. It’s a remote job that doesn’t require advanced knowledge to perform the work. If you are well-skilled using at least software such as Microsoft then you are ready to carry out this duty. 

The data entry clerk is also responsible for transcribing information from phone calls, recordings and videos. Everything you work on makes all that content searchable and easily accessible. Therefore, if you are passionate about numbers and  you aspire for a more important position in the future like Data Analyst or Data Scientist, data entry might be the first right step to becoming what you aim for.

2. Customer Service Representative

Average Salary: $40,000

Great customer service makes a business great. It is a vital part for the companies to rise. All information, question or a problem is resolved through a good representative. So what are the essential skills you need to have to deliver great service? You should be a good listener and have the ability to communicate clearly. 

Know everything about the products or services, you should know how they breathe, it can add great value and help in strengthening customer loyalty which turns into a sustainable profit for the company. A positive attitude, being confident and great time management skills are among other proficiencies you need to possess that can help you be the right customer service representative to work from home.

3. SEO Specialist

Average Salary: $48,104

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital tool of great importance. Every company seeks success through the implementation of good SEO operations. It makes websites visible, increases traffic through organic search engine results, and more opportunities to bring new customers. 

Start digging into SEO, it’s not an easy area but if you are willing to dedicate your time learning it, you can absolutely do it on your own. SEO is all about the activities you learn to do in making Google rank companies’ websites higher and view them as quality sources. Language proficiency, critical thinking, and good analysis are just a few skills among many that make a good SEO.

4. Graphic Artist/Designer

Average Salary: $49,110

Graphic design has an immense role in today’s business. If you have great illustrating skills then we may call you lucky, because every company in the world wants a creative artist as their employee. Graphic design is primarily a visual communication with the audience. Anything you see in an organization from colors, to an image or a certain idea, they all are a representation of something.

A professional graphic artist helps in creating a strong foundation of branding, design layout, and marketing strategy. In other words, a graphic designer visualizes the true values of a business which is unique and can help to create a positive impression on consumers. Therefore, if you own these skills and you want to make an impact in the business world you can do it even from the privacy of your home.

5. Content Writer

Average Salary: $49,510

Content writing is everything. People around the world are on a search looking for information and answers 24/7 a day. It has all been possible through written content on the internet. If you are a person that you always loved writing and you are really connected with it, this is definitely your moment. A time when every business is trying to establish online dominance through SEO.

Good quality content writing is a great way for companies to ensure more traffic and bring new clients. It’s that simple, visitors will go to a website either for a service or product or they will navigate to it through content that draws attention. So having this unique ability to write in a powerful manner makes you a strong potential candidate to be employed by numerous companies that want your service no matter your placement.

Just bear in mind that there are thousands of opportunities waiting for you remotely. Don’t hesitate to search for remote jobs in your domain and you will see the huge number of potential businesses waiting there for you.