3 Ideas to hack an interview

There is always a secret to finding the pathway and succeeding in one’s professional career. Preparation is the action that distinguishes the ones who accomplish from those who fail.

The job interview is probably the most important part of your journey when applying for a job.

You have the chance to demonstrate that you truly deserve the position you are applying for that’s why it’s critical to show great personality to be ahead of other candidates. 

Make sure that your professional profiles and online presence are in order. They should match the character you are about to display.

Keep in mind that everything starts with a great resume. Therefore having the information well-organized is one step ahead in the playground.  

After you showed that you have the right skills to be called for an interview, now is the time to put your best foot forward and prove your qualifications with an impressive introduction of yourself. 

Here are 3 interview hacks to get away as a winner 

Get everything ready

The moment you decide to send a resume you should be aware that you are competing against many candidates who also are making their efforts to get hired. A well-prepared plan is what will give you an edge.

Before you walk in for the interview the first thing to be considered is the job position. Make sure you analyze carefully the duties required for the role and how important is that department to the company. 

Every organization highly appreciates when a potential future employee has come prepared and already familiarized with the company. Try to learn about the vision, values, and culture of a business.

Figure out the company structure and hierarchy. It's important to find information about executives because it shows interest and proves that you pay attention to details. It will make you more confident while talking about the position and the company.  

Do-s and Don’t-s interview tips to follow


  • Dress appropriately - A neat professional appearance tells that you are serious about the job
  • Arrive early - Plan everything to walk into the office on time
  • Smile - Create a good feeling when you greet the interviewer. It will make you look relaxed and confident
  • If you get stuck during the interview or your emotions betray you, give yourself a quick break by having some water (in a natural way) and refocus.
  • End the interview by showing appreciation for the given possibility of being interviewed.


  • Show up late to the interview - Being late might be a deal-breaker 
  • Falsify your information - Always tell the truth
  • Over talk - Be a good listener

Connect with the interviewer 

Everyone has his personality and behavioral manners. You can’t predict if the meeting with your interviewer clicks or not, but you should find ways to connect. 

An interview will go well if you try to be yourself and not someone else. There are some secrets to making it work and preparing you to feel more comfortable when meeting your interviewer. 

Show interest

First, show interest in the company and the opportunity given to you to be part of them. Don’t hesitate to open a discussion and show curiosity about the interviewer. An opening or a small talk about their role at the company will make the conversation go. 


Interviews have a significant impact when they are equally more engaging from both sides. Try to find the right time when you want to ask about a particular thing or when you want to refer to something that was said earlier during the conversation.

Show patience when the interviewer is talking, and involve when it naturally looks like the right time to ask or add a comment. It sounds like the perfect balance to make the recruiter walk away with a positive thought about you. 

Reveal your personality

While proving your qualifications during the interview focus on demonstrating your personality, characteristics that cannot be shown in your resume. Focus on showing the positive parts of the character that expresses your warmth and great personality.

Smile and talk positively about others, little things that you can do to make you a more likable and solid applicant.

Don’t forget to show your gratitude and tell the interviewer that you are delighted you have talked to them and that you will be waiting for a response. It would be great if you write an email and mention your willingness to join their company. 

Be real and honest

Interviews are meetings where everyone gives their all to present the best version of themselves. Why would you claim you are a master of something when you have no clue what that is.

Don’t make pretenses about your skills, weaknesses, or past experiences, they will only create anxiety and uncertainty in trying to get the job. 

Many recruiters ask you different questions about your weaknesses, and it’s a good idea not to mention phrases like “I am a hard worker” or “I care too much”. Praising yourself won’t help in creating a better version of yourself.

Instead, you should try to be authentic when talking generally about your traits. It shows humility, self-awareness, and the intention to grow. 

Remember that preparing to meet hiring managers for interviews is a major action that directs you towards your personal and professional goals.

That being so, spending time training yourself for the meeting can help you be more confident to make you win a first good impression.

After all, if anyhow, you haven’t been chosen to move forward with, turn that experience into a learning episode of your bright future journey.