How to create a powerful resume?

A well-organized resume sets candidates apart in the minds of every recruiter and it can obviously make a difference in their career going one way or another.

Creating a winning resume is not just about putting together the experience, skills, and education, but it’s the art of collecting an entire career in one single page.

Recruiters see plenty of resumes when searching for new employees, that’s why having created that bold eye-catcher which aligns with what they are looking for is like the golden ticket towards the objective when trying to get a job.

About to impress the hiring manager and secure an interview? This is how you are going to build the most valuable marketing document of your career.

We will walk you through the most important steps to writing a resume:

A simple outline

The first thing we notice when we look at something is the appearance and the way how they are shown. Everyone is attracted by creativity and clarity when they are about to make a choice or a decision. Therefore, crafting a resume should be based on simplicity with a neat design making it readable and easy to navigate.

Cvitae allows you to choose the proper template that will fit your demands when applying for a certain position. No matter the industry, you can pick the most suitable design that will make you look like a pro.

A structured format

We highlighted the importance of a simple and creative resume. However, to build a structured and well-designed template, the whole content should be divided into clear beautiful sections. It usually depends on the profession but the most common sections included in a CV format are contact information, summary, employment history, skills, and education.

While there is still a lot of confusion among people on how to organize their resumes, and how to put the content in a final version, the CV generator powered with AI will be the perfect choice to release professionals from this uncertainty.

No matter with what type of programs a resume has been made, and how the information is laid out, Cvitae’s processing tool converts any document to a PDF file with the speed of light. Everything is editable before you push that magic button.

Insert keywords

A great way to start creating a resume is by carefully studying the open position you are applying for. Read carefully every job description and look for keywords that the employer has put in the job post that make visible what he is searching into candidates.

Most of the companies scan keywords used in a resume that’s why it’s important to tailor it based on every open position that interests you. Let’s say an employer is looking to hire someone with experience in “blockchain technology” or with expertise in “AI” use the same terms in the resume that will match their demands with what you deliver.

Add the most relevant information

Including the most important information from your experience is key to creating a better resume. Keep it short as recruiters only spend 6 seconds on each resume in the early stages of a hiring process says Lindsay Mustain, an ex-Amazon recruiter. 

There is no need to include old information that would make the resume look irrelevant and with no impact when applying for a job. Hiring managers like simple resumes so they can scan them easily and figure out the information they are looking for.

  • Tailor the resume every time you apply for a job
  • Use online tools that offer professional templates 
  • Highlight your most important skills and achievements 
  • Follow the job’s description wording, use particular keywords
  • Include the most important sections of your employment career

  • Misuse your education or experience, be honest every time you apply
  • Spend time trying to create design templates from scratch
  • Include too much of your personal information, such as photos, social media profiles or personal activities
  • Insert too many keywords in your resume, it will make it hard to read
  • Try to include too many sections that will overload the resume

We mentioned the main sections included in a resume that are key elements of the document. There are optional sections that may be added which usually depend on the profession, experience, and the job you are applying for, but every resume should contain contact information, a summary or personal statement, work experience, skills, and education.

Contact information: a well-organized section

Every element is important when writing a resume. ‘Contact Information’ is the one that will mostly appear on the top of your resume, so this section needs to be well-organized and easy to find by a recruiter. 

Make it simple. Include 5 essential elements that complete the contact information section: name, email, address, phone number, and a professional profile link such as Linkedin. 

Summary: a highlight of your assets 

The resume summary is the answer to your most valuable skills and experiences. A relatively short introduction that mainly consists of two or three sentences should express your strongest points to draw attention.

Use clear language to be easily understood combined with words and terms that show confidence, energy, and motivation. 

The summary needs to contain the most relevant points relating to the job description that will help create a powerful story of your assets and accomplishments.

Work experience 

This is the section where you are described best by your most important asset, experience. Employers mostly read employment history first because it shows them your quality and preparation for the position you have applied for.

Try to grab the hiring manager’s attention not with the entire history of your employment but with the most relevant experiences for the specific job. Include this set of information about your employment history:

  • Job title, the company you worked for, location
  • Dates when you started and stopped working for each company
  • Role and responsibilities

However, you can still add promotions, awards, and other accomplishments that show you are a complete candidate to be considered for the position. 

Skills: the top abilities

The skills section demonstrates you have the right abilities to make it to the company. It happens when recruiters pay special attention to this section because they want you to have the necessary skills for a certain position. They look for either hard or soft skills when it comes to a candidate’s profile.

Hard skills are specific abilities related to the job title. They are more practical skills that require competencies in different fields such as programming, knowledge in using various software, and other training or experience on the job you are applying for. 

Soft skills are abilities that mostly depend on the character of a person. It relates more to people’s natural leadership and proficiencies they have developed throughout their careers. 

Don’t forget to mention the best of your skills that link with the job description, they will enhance your profile.


Once again, even education depends on your profession, but it’s still among a few sections that have an irreplaceable role when you are trying to get a job. Education tells about your background which can strengthen your resume and set your profile apart from other candidates. 

Even though there are lots of professions that can be done without any education degree, professions like doctors, scientists, lawyers, and many more require certifications or degrees which are crucial to getting the job.


After you have written everything, you can’t click the ‘send’ button before checking and undergoing several times of proofreading to make sure there are no grammar slips.

Every word is important that’s why it requires a careful checking process to complete it in the best way possible. Take into account the reader and re-read everything that’s written to make it sound easy and understandable. 

Click the ‘send’ button when you are confident and assured that the resume reflects the best version of what you offer. That will make the difference between you and others.

With your resume professional and polished we think that you will highly increase the chances for more interviews and opportunities to be hired.

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Save time by uploading your document which converts into a resume pdf file that will revive your professional profile. Everything is editable before our tool makes its magical trick.

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