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Create profiles that stand out. Use our tool to produce resumes tailored for your needs. With powerful CVs and tracking features, you can keep tabs on applicants' status in real time.

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Save time by simply uploading your document and let our magical tool do the work.

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Not just a great-designed resume, but arranging the data in the ideal order.


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Save your hiring team time with only clicks away to building profiles that stand out from the competition.

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You can easily create candidates' profiles and edit them fast at any time. Keep track of their status and monitor everything all at once on your dashboard.

Pre-defined skills

Based in the data of the uploaded CV, our engine will suggest a set of skills for candidates. Select the right ones that match the job listing keywords to make these profiles exceptional.

Candidates' status

Stay always updated. Track the candidates' status on your dashboard in real-time for an easy management of applicants in one single place.

And much more

CVitae puts everything you need to make a great CV — from advanced design options to AI writing  — right at your fingertips. It’s never been easier to create work you’re proud of.

Attach any document

No matter how the candidate’s information are organized, our advanced CV maker will turn any document into a winning resume.

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Get resumes ready in any language. Our AI engine reads applicants' data turning it into a professional design CV of any desired language.

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